Top 10: The Best Paid Jobs In The United States Are In The Healthcare Sector

The Best Paid Jobs In The United States Are In The Healthcare

If you want to make a lot of money in the United States, it’s about finding a job in the healthcare sector – five out of the six best-paid jobs are available.

become a surgeon

If you have a handsome hand and many years on the medical program behind you, you can become a surgeon and thus secure you one of the best pay jobs. Image: Ditte Valente

The jobs in the United States that provide the highest salary are found in the healthcare sector. At a top 10 of jobs with the highest pay, they are seven to find in that sector.

The best-paid work is as a surgeon with an annual salary of an average of 409,665 dollars or almost 2.6 million

From there, there is a big jump to number two on the list, a specialist dentist whose average salary is $ 208,000, a survey from shows the best-paid jobs in the United States in 2017.

Although the list cannot be directly transferred to Denmark, the same professions will probably also score high here.

The 10 best paid jobs on average in the US in 2017 in dollars (PA):

Healthcare Sector high-paying jobs in America for 2018

Surgeon – $ 409,665
Special Dentist – $ 208,000
Psychiatrists – $ 194,740
Alm. doctor – $ 190,490
Business Leader – $ 181,210 (senior corporate executive)
Dentist – $ 153,900
Engineer in the oil industry – $ 128,230
Orthopedics – 124,830 $
Airline leader – $ 122,410
Pharmacies – $ 122,230

Working In The United States? Here Are The 25 Best Paid Jobs

Working In the United States

Are you considering moving to the United States to work? Then a new report shows that the best-paid jobs in God’s own country are concentrated in healthcare, technology, and law.¬†working in united states

If you want to make the most money in the United States, it’s about choosing especially three areas.


It is a well-paid job, to be a doctor in the United States. But also in the field of technology and law, you find the best-paid jobs.

The highest average wage is received by doctors with $ 187,876 a year. This corresponds to more than 1.3 million. Secondly, pharmacists and third-party attorneys with the patent as a specialty. It shows a report from Glassdoor Inc, Bloomberg writes

working in united states

Of the 25 best-paid jobs, they were 11 in technology. Especially engineers are in demand from places such as Silicon Valley in California, where many technology companies hold.

According to Bloomberg, it is not abnormal for a newly trained engineer in Silicon Valley to be able to screw a salary package of over $ 200,000 a year. That is, ordinary salaries and stock options (in the form only included the pure salary, red. ) working in united states

On the other hand, the average price for renting a one-bedroom apartment is more than $ 3,000 (+21,000) a month in the area of San Francisco, also known as the Bay Area.

This year’s survey also shows that jobs in the healthcare sector move up to the top of wage statistics. There are, for example, doctors, nurses, medical assistants, etc. On the last year’s list, there were 3 healthcare jobs that were in the top 25 over the best paid – this year there are six, Bloomberg writes. working in united states.