Best Universities For Business Management!!

These Are The Top 11 Universities In The World For A Successful Career In Business

Good Business Administration Or Management Training Can Be A Springboard For A Brilliant Career.

Often the better the university, the greater the chance of a job with large global companies or financial institutions, such as Goldman Sachs, Samsung or Unilever.

Each year QS – a Global Marketing Company for higher education – publishes an extensive ranking of the best universities in the world, broken down by region and discipline. The most recent ranking was published in March.

QS bases the ranking of a university on its reputation among academics and the number of citations per published research paper in a specific field – in this case, e-business administration or management.

For most top universities you have to go to the United States or England. But you can also find one in Paris or Milan. Below you can find the eleven universities with the highest ranking:

Universities with the Highest Ranking

1. In 2018, the University of Harvard will, as in 2017, rank the QS rankings. Among the alumni are Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan, the founder of Bloomberg Michael Bloomberg and Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Capital.

University of Harvard

2. INSEAD in Fontainebleau, just south of Paris, has the best training in Europe in preparation for business. It will rise in 2018 at the expense of London Business School.

3. London Business School is the best English-speaking university in Europe. LBS is a real top institution that has been in the top 3 of QS for four years.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston is best known for its training in natural and technical sciences, but it also excels in corporate and management subjects. She is fourth for the second consecutive year.

5. The University of Pennsylvania may not be the most famous university in the Ivy League, but its business and management training is among the best. At the Wharton School, Warren Buffett – who did not complete his education – and American President Donald Trump followed a course. She is fifth for the fourth consecutive year.

6. Stanford University is one of the most prestigious universities in America. This also translates into her business and management training. She will stay in place 6 in 2018.

7. The University of Cambridge jumps this year with her archrival from Oxford. The courses at the Judge Business School are the second best in the United Kingdom.

8. The University of Oxford – The Saïd Business School of Oxford is a favorite education for students who want to make it in the business of the United Kingdom. She drops a place this year compared to 2017.

9. The London School of Economics and Political Science has produced many well-known politicians and good economists (27% of all Nobel Prize winners in the economy consist of alumni of the LSE or its (former) staff. from 2017.

10. The Bocconi University in Milan provides the second best business and management training outside the English language area. It rises a place compared to 2017.

11. The University of California, Berkeley – This university just a stone’s throw from Silicon Valley is the second-best university for business or management training on the west coast of the US. She drops this year with one place just out of the top 10.

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5 Best Countries to Study MBA Abroad?

Best Countries to Study MBA Abroad?

Getting your MBA abroad is popular with many students, professionals, and academics. And rightly so, because obtaining your MBA opens doors that will otherwise remain closed. Study MBA Abroad

With a Master of Business Administration, you continue your career at multinationals and the most renowned global brands. The international company list often works exclusively with MBAs.

During your MBA education, you will receive lessons from former CEOs, current vice-presidents, and top managers. Do you have the ambition to get started yourself at a multinational or a global company? Study MBA Abroad

Study MBA Abroad

The dream of becoming CEO and sitting at the table with the absolute business top? An MBA abroad will prepare you for this. It is not for nothing that you are trained by highly educated professionals who have ever preceded you with an MBA program.


Why follow an MBA abroad?

An MBA is a practice-oriented master, who prepares you for international business. Most masters are research-oriented or have a minimum number of hours of practice-oriented training. An MBA focuses on practice.

If you want to work in business, then an MBA is the best choice. A business school offers you the practical knowledge and experience at the master level.

An MBA abroad immediately ensures that you are in the right place: where the multinationals are located. The Netherlands is small and offers limited opportunities when it comes to the international company head.

World cities like London, Madrid, New York, Shanghai, Dubai, and Vancouver offer you a wide international network. A crucial aspect if you want to work in the international business scene.

You can also continue with an MBA if you want to work in your own country. International experience is an advantage for many companies and a practice-oriented MBA gives you the knowledge you need in your field. You can choose between 2 types of MBA: academic and executive.

Academic MBA

An Academic MBA lasts from 1 to 1.5 years and is suitable for bachelor or master graduates. Anyone with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree can take an MBA. There are many specializations within the MBA so you can choose the direction that suits you.

You can follow an MBA immediately after your bachelor or master, but even if you have been working for a number of years you can follow this MBA. Study MBA Abroad

Executive MBA

The Executive MBA is suitable for management professionals. Do you have management experience, but do you want to further develop yourself with an MBA? This variant is then extremely suitable. You can obtain the Executive MBA in 1 year, but the master can also be followed part-time. This makes you flexible and you have room to get the MBA title next to your job.

For example, follow the MBA for 2 to 4 years in addition to your current management function. Fly to your business school for intensive training programs and follow a section online. This way you combine your current manager function with obtaining an MBA title.

MBA Specializations

Whether you have a bachelor’s degree in history, a master’s degree in law, a notary, working as a marketer or having studied fashion: there is always an MBA that suits you. If you want to belong to the top, regardless of the industry, an MBA is your ticket to success.

We give you a selection of the most popular Courses:

Business Economics
Business Administration
International Business
Public Administration & Law
Brand Management
Tourism, Hotel & Sports Management
Entrepreneurship & Leadership
Finance & Banking
Design Management
International Marketing
Communication & PR

Why follow an MBA abroad?

An MBA is a practice-oriented master, who prepares you for international business. Most masters are research-oriented or have a minimum number of hours of practice-oriented training. An MBA focuses on practice.

If you want to work in business, then an MBA is the best choice. A business school offers you the practical knowledge and experience at the master level. An MBA abroad immediately ensures that you are in the right place: where the multinationals are located.

World cities like London, Madrid, New York, Shanghai, Dubai, and Vancouver offer you a wide international network. A crucial aspect if you want to work in the international business scene. You can also continue with an MBA if you want to work in your own country.

International experience is an advantage for many companies and a practice-oriented MBA gives you the knowledge you need in your field. You can choose between two types of MBA: academic and executive.


Anyone with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree can take an MBA. Regardless of your study, branch or graduation year. In your own country, you usually need a GMAT certificate. In other countries, you often do not need a GMAT and you can start with your bachelor’s or masters. Study MBA Abroad

This is a big advantage of an MBA abroad. You choose an MBA if you want to work in business. A practical master’s program that you can follow in your field. Do you want to know if you can do an MBA?

Which Country is Best for Studying MBA?


California State University

The California State University San Marcos has over 20 years of international quality education and internationally recognized language schools, universities and government agencies. Study MBA Abroad

In addition to courses that are well-regarded worldwide, you can build up an international network at the university. Because of the international classes at the university, you will not only come into contact with American students but also with students from all over the world.

Do not you want to think about studying? Then there are plenty of other activities to do! The climate in Southern California is very pleasant, the temperature does not drop below 18 degrees in winter and in summer the temperature is around 25 degrees. The campus is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in California. This way you can also enjoy a nice sun next to studying.

Why Study at California State University?

Have you always wanted to experience how life in America is going? When you study at California State University you end up in the middle of American life and experience this lifestyle optimally.

Ability to convert your credits to credits that are valid in Europe
American Way of Live in the bustling heart of Southern California
Choice of more than 100 recognized student associations.
Beautiful campus with many international students.
Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

Hult Business School

Hult International Business School is a business-oriented university with campuses all over the world.

The aim of Hult International Business School is to imitate the real business world as well as possible for the students. To get as close to the real business world as possible, the campuses have been placed in the big cities where the business world plays an important role, such as Boston, New York, San Francisco, London, Dubai, and Shanghai.

This also creates the international element. You can see these international elements in the diversity of the students. 156 nationalities are represented on the Hult International Business School campuses!

Hult International Business School is very well-regarded and according to the Financial Times belongs to the top 100 business schools in the world. The Economist also shows that Hult International Business School is among the world leaders with a high ranking in the ranking for the salary after graduation. Hult is the first and only American business school with 3 accreditations (AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA).

Hult International Business School owes these nice statistics to the teachers and professors who focus on career counseling and training, with the focus on an attractive and effective partnership between employers and students. Hult International Business School encourages students and supports every personal ambition and entrepreneurial attitude of its students.

Hult International Business School prepares the student for business and gives them opportunities to get started at the most prestigious companies in the world, such as Apple, L’Oréal, Google, IBM, and many other companies.

Why Study at Hult International Business School?

If you want to study at one of the best business courses in the world, then you certainly want to go to Hult. Here are a few reasons why you should study at Hult International Business School:

Belongs to the top in the world internationally
International experience and environment
Direct relationships with multinationals
More than 100 nationalities in this training
Unique business-oriented method
Switch between campuses during the study


James Cook University Singapore

Since 2003 James Cook University Singapore (JCU Singapore) has been working to ensure a better future for life in the tropics and which city is better suited for this than ” The world city in the tropics”?

The students from JCU Singapore, together with James Cook’s students in New Zealand and Australia, are competing with everything that is negative for the still-living tropics.

As a student at JCU Singapore, you are the key to success. Your research and discoveries will be important in saving animals and plant lives. All studies of all students contribute to larger plans for saving the tropics. Study MBA Abroad

Because the community of JCU Singapore cannot be big enough because there is always more research, it is possible to start with a pre-university education. These pre-university programs are for students who, according to the standards, can not immediately start a full study.

Why Study at James Cook University Singapore?

Of course, there are many more advantages to JCU Singapore than just saving the tropics, although this should be an important reason. What makes JCU Singapore so good:

The university is still growing strongly (34 students in 2003 and 2500 students in 2011)
The university is among the top 4% of the world
Additional opportunities through the pre-university courses
A close cooperation with the campuses in Australia
Many facilities


Thompson Rivers University

Students at Thompson Rivers University can enjoy a wide range of courses and courses. These range from certificates for the English language up to and including full Bachelors and Masters. Study MBA Abroad

Thompson Rivers University is distinguished by a wide range of courses. Are you unable to make a choice of training? Combining training is also possible. There is also a good balance in the number of practice-oriented and theoretical training courses.

The public Thompson Rivers Universities offer more than 140 courses and 60 different courses on their own campus. With 11,000 Canadian students and 2,000 international students, it is easy to accommodate a fantastic student time.

Why Study at Thompson Rivers University?

At Thompson Rivers University you can choose from a huge variety of academic programs. The small classes contribute to the quality of education and all lessons are taught in English. Your English language proficiency gets a huge boost, without having to pass all sorts of complicated tests. Furthermore, at Thompson Rivers University:

A worldwide leading university
Small classes, on average 21 students per class
Affordable school fees and low housing costs
Choose from more than 100 courses
Modern campus and infrastructure
Great chance of a job (90% find a job within one year)


Coventry University

Coventry University is located in central England with leading international companies in the vicinity of this university. Coventry has a good relationship with most of these companies. This allows you to gain practical experience during your studies and you increase your job opportunities.

The campus of the university is focused on the future. This can be seen in modern equipment and architecture. Study MBA Abroad

Coventry University is known for its international character. More than 9,000 international students from more than 130 countries study there. The university has many associations and (sports) clubs, so you can also develop further on a personal level.

Why Study at Conventry University

Coventry University has been labeled for many years with many awards. Students are generally very satisfied. The international learning environment makes you attractive to the labor market. Study MBA Abroad

95% of graduates have a job or have continued to study
Modern campus with many facilities
Strong ties with leading companies
International relations in countries such as China, Malaysia, Turkey and much more
Good preparation for a successful career
The ability to develop your entrepreneur skills
Become an international professional
Very complete campus with many facilities

MBA From Europe

European University

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Top 10: The Best Paid Jobs In The United States Are In The Healthcare Sector

The Best Paid Jobs In The United States Are In The Healthcare

If you want to make a lot of money in the United States, it’s about finding a job in the healthcare sector – five out of the six best-paid jobs are available.

become a surgeon

If you have a handsome hand and many years on the medical program behind you, you can become a surgeon and thus secure you one of the best pay jobs. Image: Ditte Valente

The jobs in the United States that provide the highest salary are found in the healthcare sector. At a top 10 of jobs with the highest pay, they are seven to find in that sector.

The best-paid work is as a surgeon with an annual salary of an average of 409,665 dollars or almost 2.6 million

From there, there is a big jump to number two on the list, a specialist dentist whose average salary is $ 208,000, a survey from shows the best-paid jobs in the United States in 2017.

Although the list cannot be directly transferred to Denmark, the same professions will probably also score high here.

The 10 best paid jobs on average in the US in 2017 in dollars (PA):

Healthcare Sector high-paying jobs in America for 2018

Surgeon – $ 409,665
Special Dentist – $ 208,000
Psychiatrists – $ 194,740
Alm. doctor – $ 190,490
Business Leader – $ 181,210 (senior corporate executive)
Dentist – $ 153,900
Engineer in the oil industry – $ 128,230
Orthopedics – 124,830 $
Airline leader – $ 122,410
Pharmacies – $ 122,230

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Working In The United States? Here Are The 25 Best Paid Jobs

Working In the United States

Are you considering moving to the United States to work? Then a new report shows that the best-paid jobs in God’s own country are concentrated in healthcare, technology, and law. working in united states

If you want to make the most money in the United States, it’s about choosing especially three areas.


It is a well-paid job, to be a doctor in the United States. But also in the field of technology and law, you find the best-paid jobs.

The highest average wage is received by doctors with $ 187,876 a year. This corresponds to more than 1.3 million. Secondly, pharmacists and third-party attorneys with the patent as a specialty. It shows a report from Glassdoor Inc, Bloomberg writes

working in united states

Of the 25 best-paid jobs, they were 11 in technology. Especially engineers are in demand from places such as Silicon Valley in California, where many technology companies hold.

According to Bloomberg, it is not abnormal for a newly trained engineer in Silicon Valley to be able to screw a salary package of over $ 200,000 a year. That is, ordinary salaries and stock options (in the form only included the pure salary, red. ) working in united states

On the other hand, the average price for renting a one-bedroom apartment is more than $ 3,000 (+21,000) a month in the area of San Francisco, also known as the Bay Area.

This year’s survey also shows that jobs in the healthcare sector move up to the top of wage statistics. There are, for example, doctors, nurses, medical assistants, etc. On the last year’s list, there were 3 healthcare jobs that were in the top 25 over the best paid – this year there are six, Bloomberg writes. working in united states.

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Accounting Multiple Choice Questions – Basic Accounting Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Accounting Objective Questions and Answers

accounting multiple choice questions

Accounting Multiple choice Questions – Accounting Objective Types Questions and Answer  – Top Accounting Questions & Answers – Accounts Objective Types Question with Answer – Objective Types Questions. Basic Accounting questions asked in competitive exams – Basic accounting multiple choice questions and answer, general questions of accounting.

Below we have listed the objective types Accounting Questions and answers – accounting multiple choice questions

The cost of Air-Conditioning of the Manager’s office will be..

  1. a capital expenditure
  2. a revenue expenditure
  3. a deferred revenue expenditure
  4. none of these

Calls in advance’ is shown under..

  1. share capital
  2. reserve and surplus
  3. current liabilities
  4. loans and advances

A loan can be described as a short-term loan if the period is ..

  1. three years
  2. less than one year
  3. over one year
  4. more than two years

How many parties are there in Consignment?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 5

The Total Tax of an assesses has been computed as Rs. 36,523.40. After rounding off, the total tax will be taken as…

  1. Rs. 36520
  2. Rs. 36,525
  3. Rs.36,530
  4. None of these

In the absence of any agreement, partners are liable to receive interest on their loans@

  1. 12%
  2. 10%
  3. 6%
  4. 8%

Goods Costing Rs. 1,00,000 are consigned at 20% on invoice price. What is its Load?

  1. 1,25,000
  2. 25,000
  3. 75,000
  4. 20,000

What time would be taken into consideration if equal monthly amount is drawn as drawing at the beginning of each month?

  1. 7
  2. 6
  3. 5
  4. 6.5

Companies profit divided among shareholder is ..

  1. interest
  2. reserve
  3. dividend
  4. surplus

Debenture carrying charge on particular asset on the company is know as..

  1. fixed
  2. mortgage
  3. naked
  4. floating

Operating profit is

  1. profit after deducting financial costs
  2. profit after deducting taxes
  3. profit after deducting normal operating expenses including depreciation
  4. equal to net profit

Retained earning is synonymous to..

  1. accumulated profit and loss account
  2. profit for the year
  3. operating profit
  4. gross profit

Dividends are usually paid as a percentage of ..

  1. authorized shares capital
  2. net profit
  3. paid up capital
  4. called up capital

Economic life of an enterprise is split into the periodic interval as per..

  1. Money measurement concept
  2. Matching concept
  3. Going concern concept
  4. Accrual Concept

What is the amount of gross profit/loss when opening stock is Rs. 18,000, purchases Rs. 78,000, cost of good sold Rs. 1,06,000 and sales Rs. 1,49,000?

  1. Rs. 44,000 profit
  2. Rs. 42,000 profit
  3. Rs. 43,000 profit
  4. Rs. 43,000 loss

Which of the following is an example of fictitious assets?

  1. Machinery
  2. Stock
  3. Patent
  4. Preliminary Expenses

What is the main purpose of Bank Reconciliation?

  1. To locate cashier’s mistake
  2. Reconciliation of the cash book and bank balances
  3. To find out bank balances
  4. to find out cash balances

Double entry book-keeping was started by

  1. F.W Taylor
  2. Henry Fayol
  3. Lucas Pacioli
  4. Adam Smith

Which financial statement is used to show what the firm owns?

  1. income statement
  2. balance sheet
  3. statement of retained earnings
  4. cash flow statement

According to accounting equation assets are equal to?

  1. liabilities
  2. liabilities and equities
  3. equities
  4. none of these

The accounting cycle represents a series of steps that a business uses

  1. to record and classify the transactions
  2. to summarize the transactions
  3. to communicate financial events
  4. for all of these

The cost concept states that all goods and services purchased should be recorded at

  1. historical cost
  2. market cost
  3. both 1 and 2
  4. none of these

The matching principle attempts to find satisfactory bases of association between

  1. assets and liabilities
  2. expenses and revenues
  3. internal equities and external liabilities
  4. none of these

The Statement that shows the cause of change in the financial position of an organization is known as

  1. balance sheet
  2. funds flow statement
  3. statement of financial position
  4. none of these

The results of business activities are reflected in

  1. profit and loss account
  2. profit and loss appropriation account
  3. balance sheet
  4. none of these

Balance sheet is a statement which discloses an organization’s

  1. assets
  2. liabilities
  3. owner’s equity
  4. all of these

Current liabilities need to be paid

  1. within one accounting cycle
  2. beyond one accounting cycle
  3. within 3 years
  4. within 6 months


  1. causes a decrease in shareholder’s equity
  2. causes a decrease or an increase in shareholder’s equity
  3. has no impact on shareholder’s equity
  4. causes an increase in shareholders’ equity

Financially, shareholders are rewarded by

  1. interest
  2. profits
  3. dividends
  4. none of these

Which of the following is not a current assets?

  1. Accounts receivable
  2. Inventory of finished products
  3. Inventory of raw materials
  4. Land

Which of the following is a financial asset?

  1. Inventories
  2. Equipment
  3. Loan to an associate
  4. Accounts receivable

The cash flow statement consists of which of the following sections?

  1. Operating and non-operating
  2. current and non-current
  3. operating, investing and financing
  4. trading and financial

Which of the following is not a long-term liability?

  1. Accounts payable (for payable due in more than one year)
  2. Bank borrowings reimbursable in more than one year
  3. Bank overdrafts
  4. Cash Ratio

When does an accountant record a transaction?

  1. If it is materialized by a concrete document
  2. if it has a tax implication
  3. on Manager’s demand
  4. None of these

Which of the following equations represents the balance sheet?

  1. Assets + Liabilities = Shareholders’ equity
  2. Assets = Liabilities = shareholders’ equity
  3. Assets = Liabilities – Shareholders’ equity
  4. Assets = Liabilities + Shareholders’ equity

Which of the following describes a record of the transactions?

  1. General ledger
  2. Income statement
  3. Balance sheet
  4. Journal

The Four principal qualitative characteristics of useful financial statements are

  1. understandability, relevance, reliability, comparability
  2. timeliness, relevance, reliability, comparability
  3. understandability,relevance, accuracy, comparability
  4. understandability, relevance, reliability, simplicity

Earnings are the result of the difference between

  1. revenue and assets
  2. revenue and liabilities
  3. liabilities and expenses
  4. revenue and expenses

In Which order does the journal list transactions?

  1. alphabetical
  2. decreasing
  3. increasing
  4. chronological

Long term capital loss can be set off from which of the following?

  1. short term capital gain only
  2. long term capital gain only
  3. income from business or profession
  4. income from salary

Accounting Multiple choice Questions – accounting objective questions and answers – basic accounting questions asked in interview for freshers, Accounting Multiple choice Questions. Best Accounting Multiple choice Questions

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