Haryana SSC Recruitment – HSSC Jobs for 70 Various Posts Apply

Haryana SSC RecruitmentHaryana SSC (HSSC) – Latest Recruitment Notification 2017 Apply Online

हरियाणा एसएससी लेटेस्ट एम्प्लॉयमेंट न्यूज़ Dec 2016 Apply Online – HSSC Latest Employment Notification for 1000 plus posts Apply – Haryana SSC Recruitment

Haryana Staff Selection Commission Bay No 67-7-, Sector -2 Panchkula has invites online applications for the following posts Apply Online from Today – हरियाणा एसएससी में अलग – अलग पदों पर एम्प्लॉयमेंट के अवसर के लिए आज से ऑनलाइन आवेदन अंतिम तिथि – 13 Jan 2017 – The candidates are strictly advised to apply online well in advance without waiting for last date of submission of online application form. The printed copy of the online application form with necessary certificates must be brought at the time of verification/scrutiny-cum-interview. No offline application form or copy of downloaded application form will be accepted by the office.

Post-wise Employment – Total 943 posts

Laboratory Assistant: 13 Posts
Industrial Extension Officer: 34 Posts
Technical Assistant (Chemical): 05 Posts
Legal Assistant at Headquarter: 06 Posts
Industrial Extension Officer at Headquarter: 09 Posts
Legal Assistant at District Industries Centres: 19 Posts
Operator Grade -II: 02 Posts
Technical Assistant (Mechanical): 01 Post
Operator Grade –I: 02 Posts
Urban Local Bodies, Department
Accountant: 35 Posts
Sanitary Inspector: 11 Posts
Librarian: 02 Posts
Building Inspector: 10 Posts
Light Inspector: 04 Posts
Draftsman: 15 Posts
Electrician: 04 Posts
Food & Drugs (Admn.) Haryana
Chemist: 09 posts
Laboratory Attendent: 09 Posts
Fisheries Department, Haryana
Marketing Assistant: 01 Post
Law & Legislative Department
Senior Librarian: 01 Post
Archaeology & Museums
Technical Assistant: 04 Posts
Architecture, Haryana, Chandigarh
Ayush Department
Higher Education Haryana
Haryana Seeds Development Corporation Limited
Hafed, Haryana….
और भी बहुत सारे पदों के लिए ऑनलाइन आवेदन hai – अधिक जानकारी के लिए आधिकारिक वेबसाइट पर जाएँ

Age – 17 to 42 years

डिप्लोमा इन मैकेनिकल, केमिकल, इलेक्ट्रिकल, इलेक्ट्रॉनिक्स और टेक्सटाइल इंजीनियरिंग
Post Graduate in Arts with Economics, Science or Commerce
Diploma in Chemical Engineering or B.Sc.(Non-Medical)
Diploma in Mechanical Chemical or Production Engineering, Matric with ITI Certificate

Selection – Interview/ Test and Verification

Eligible & interested candidates may apply online through the official website hssc.gov.in from 12-12-2016 to 11-01-2017 – Haryana SSC Recruitment

Document to be Uploaded with Application Form – HSSC Online Application Form – Haryana SSC Recruitment

a) Scanned Copy of Essential Qualifications i.e. Matric showing Date of Birth and mark sheet of 10+2/Graduation/Diploma/Degree etc.
b) Scanned Copy of Sport Gradation Certificate in case of Outstanding Sports Persons, duly issued by the Competent Authority.
c) Scanned Copy of Haryana Domicile Certificate in case of BCA/BCB/SC/PHC/EBPG/ESM/DESM/DFF and women issued by competent authority.
d) Copy of Challan/credit certificate issued by Treasury/e-Challan as the case may be, in case of candidates who have applied earlier.
e) Scanned Photographs duly signed by the Candidate.
f) Scanned signatures of the Candidate.

Haryana SSC Recruitment

Noida Metro Recruitment NMRC – Station Controller Train Operator Customer Relations Assistant, Engineers & Account Assistant

Employment NewsNoida Metro Rail Corporation Recruitment NMRC

Naida Matro Rail Corporation Limited Vacancies for 745 posts of Station Controller Train Operator Customer Relations Assistant, Engineers, Account Assistant & more posts Last Date: 15 Dec 2016 Noida Metro Recruitment

NMRC a company, registered under companies act, 2013 has invites applications for the following posts Apply now online only – Noida Metro Recruitment

Total  Numbers of posts – 740 plus

Station Controller/Train Operator: 194 posts
Age Limit: 18 to 28 years
Qualification: Engineering Degree in Electrical/Electronic, B.Sc Hons in (PCM)

Customer Relations Assistant: 65 posts
Age Limit – Min 18 and Max 28 years
Graduate Degree plus computer literacy from a recognized University/Institute

Jr. Engineer/Electrical: 59 posts
Engineering Diploma in electrical
Age Limit: 18 to 28 years

Junior Engineer (Mechnical, Civil): 38 posts
Age Limit: 18 to 28 years
Qualification – Engineering degree diploma

Account Assistant: 08 posts
B.Com pass from a recognized University
Age – 18 to 28

Office Assistant: 06 posts
18 to 28 years
B.A/B.Sc/B.com from a recognized University

Stenographer: 01 post
Graduation from a recognized University

Maintainer: 311 posts
Age Limit: 18 to 28 years
Qualification – ITI (NCT/SCVT)

Last Date: 15 Dec 2016

More More Details and Apply Now visit – eapplicationonline.com

The  duty  hours of  Station  Controller/Train  Operator  (SC/TO)  &  Customer  Relations  Assistant  (CRA)  may  depend  on  the  ridership/footfall  of  the  stations/CCC and may range from 8 to 12 hours daily. Noida Metro Recruitment

Selection Process – For the post of Station Controller/Train Operator (post code-NE01) and Customer Relations Assistant (post code-NE02), the selection methodology will comprise four-stage process.

Written Test (two papers), Psycho Test (qualifying) & Personal Interview followed by Medical examination in Aye-one category. Noida Metro Recruitment

All  candidates  shall  have  to  undergo  the  medical  fitness  test(s)  and  meet  the  medical  standards  prescribed  by NMRC  for  various  posts. Expenses for the first time medical examination of the candidates will be borne by NMRC. The  skill test  will  be  of Qualifying Nature.   The  candidates  will  have to appear  for  the  stenography  test.  The  candidates  will  be given one  dictation  for  10  minutes  in  English  at  the  speed  of  80  w.p.m.  .    The  matter  will  have  to  be  transcribed  on  computer  only. The  transcription  time  will  be  of  40 minutes (English). Objective Types Questions and Answer

Accounting Multiple choice Questions

Accounting Objective Questions and Answers

accounting multiple choice questions

Accounting Objective Types Questions and Answer  – Top Accounting Questions & Answers – Accounts Objective Types Question with Answer – Objective Types Questions. Accounting Multiple choice Questions  – Basic Accounting questions asked in competitive exams – Basic accounting multiple choice questions and answer, general questions of accounting. Latest jobs Updates

Below we have listed the objective types Accounting Questions and answers – accounting multiple choice questions

The cost of Air-Conditioning of the Manager’s office will be..

  1. a capital expenditure
  2. a revenue expenditure
  3. a deferred revenue expenditure
  4. none of these

Calls in advance’ is shown under..

  1. share capital
  2. reserve and surplus
  3. current liabilities
  4. loans and advances

A loan can be described as a short-term loan if the period is ..

  1. three years
  2. less than one year
  3. over one year
  4. more than two years

How many parties are there in Consignment?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 5

The Total Tax of an assessee has been computed as Rs. 36,523.40. After rounding off, the total tax will be taken as…

  1. Rs. 36520
  2. Rs. 36,525
  3. Rs.36,530
  4. None of these

In the absence of any agreement, partners are liable to receive interest on their loans@

  1. 12%
  2. 10%
  3. 6%
  4. 8%

Goods Costing Rs. 1,00,000 are consigned at 20% on invoice price. What is its Load?

  1. 1,25,000
  2. 25,000
  3. 75,000
  4. 20,000

What time would be taken into consideration if equal monthly amount is drawn as drawing at the beginning of each month?

  1. 7
  2. 6
  3. 5
  4. 6.5

Companies profit divided among shareholder is ..

  1. interest
  2. reserve
  3. dividend
  4. surplus

Debenture carrying charge on particular asset on the company is know as..

  1. fixed
  2. mortgage
  3. naked
  4. floating

Operating profit is

  1. profit after deducting financial costs
  2. profit after deducting taxes
  3. profit after deducting normal operating expenses including depreciation
  4. equal to net profit

Retained earning is synonymous to..

  1. accumulated profit and loss account
  2. profit for the year
  3. operating profit
  4. gross profit

Dividends are usually paid as a percentage of ..

  1. authorised shares capital
  2. net profit
  3. paid up capital
  4. called up capital

Economic life of an enterprise is split into the periodic interval as per..

  1. Money measurement concept
  2. Matching concept
  3. Going concern concept
  4. Accrual Concept

What is the amount of gross profit/loss when opening stock is Rs. 18,000, purchases Rs. 78,000, cost of good sold Rs. 1,06,000 and sales Rs. 1,49,000?

  1. Rs. 44,000 profit
  2. Rs. 42,000 profit
  3. Rs. 43,000 profit
  4. Rs. 43,000 loss

Which of the following is an example of fictitious assets?

  1. Machinery
  2. Stock
  3. Patent
  4. Preliminary Expenses

What is the main purpose of Bank Reconciliation?

  1. To locate cashier’s mistake
  2. Reconciliation of the cash book and bank balances
  3. To find out bank balances
  4. to find out cash balances

Double entry book-keeping was started by

  1. F.W Taylor
  2. Henry Fayol
  3. Lucas Pacioli
  4. Adam Smith

Which financial statement is used to show what the firm owns?

  1. income statement
  2. balance sheet
  3. statement of retained earnings
  4. cash flow statement

According to accounting equation assets are equal to?

  1. liabilities
  2. liabilities and equities
  3. equities
  4. none of these

The accounting cycle represents a series of steps that a business uses

  1. to record and classify the transactions
  2. to summarize the transactions
  3. to communicate financial events
  4. for all of these

The cost concept states that all goods and services purchased should be recorded at

  1. historical cost
  2. market cost
  3. both 1 and 2
  4. none of these

The matching principle attempts to find satisfactory bases of association between

  1. assets and liabilities
  2. expenses and revenues
  3. internal equities and external liabilities
  4. none of these

The Statement that shows the cause of change in the financial position of an organization is known as

  1. balance sheet
  2. funds flow statement
  3. statement of financial position
  4. none of these

The results of business activities are reflected in

  1. profit and loss account
  2. profit and loss appropriation account
  3. balance sheet
  4. none of these

Balance sheet is a statement which discloses an organization’s

  1. assets
  2. liabilities
  3. owner’s equity
  4. all of these

Current liabilities need to be paid

  1. within one accounting cycle
  2. beyond one accounting cycle
  3. within 3 years
  4. within 6 months


  1. causes a decrease in shareholder’s equity
  2. causes a decrease or an increase in shareholder’s equity
  3. has no impact on shareholder’s equity
  4. causes an increase in shareholders’ equity

Financially, shareholders are rewarded by

  1. interest
  2. profits
  3. dividends
  4. none of these

Which of the following is not a current assets?

  1. Accounts receivable
  2. Inventory of finished products
  3. Inventory of raw materials
  4. Land

Which of the following is a financial asset?

  1. Inventories
  2. Equipment
  3. Loan to an associate
  4. Accounts receivable

The cash flow statement consists of which of the following sections?

  1. Operating and non-operating
  2. current and non-current
  3. operating, investing and financing
  4. trading and financial

Which of the following is not a long-term liability?

  1. Accounts payable (for payables due in more than one year)
  2. Bank borrowings reimbursable in more than one year
  3. Bank overdrafts
  4. Cash Ratio

When does an accountant record a transaction?

  1. If it is materialized by a concrete document
  2. if it has a tax implication
  3. on Manager’s demand
  4. None of these

Which of the following equations represents the balance sheet?

  1. Assets + Liabilities = Shareholders’ equity
  2. Assets = Liabilities = shareholders’ equity
  3. Assets = Liabilities – Shareholders’ equity
  4. Assets = Liabilities + Shareholders’ equity

Which of the following describes a record of the transactions?

  1. General ledger
  2. Income statement
  3. Balance sheet
  4. Journal

The Four principal qualitative characteristics of useful financial statements are

  1. understandability, relevance, reliability, comparability
  2. timeliness, relevance, reliability, comparability
  3. understandability,relevance, accuracy, comparability
  4. understandability, relevance, reliability, simplicity

Earnings are the result of the difference between

  1. revenue and assets
  2. revenue and liabilities
  3. liabilities and expenses
  4. revenue and expenses

In Which order does the journal list transactions?

  1. alphabetical
  2. decreasing
  3. increasing
  4. chronological

Long term capital loss can be set off from which of the following?

  1. short term capital gain only
  2. long term capital gain only
  3. income from business or profession
  4. income from salary

Accounting Multiple choice Questions – accounting objective questions and answers – basic accounting questions asked in interview for freshers, Accounting Multiple choice Questions.

UPRVUNL Recruitment – UPRVUNL Recruitment 2016 – for 200 plus Junior Engineer (Trainee) & Technician Vacancy Apply Now

UPRVUNL RecruitmentUPRVUNL Recruitment – Junior Engineer and Technician Recruitment 2016

Uttar Pradesh Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Sewa Aayog -UP Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Limited has invites online applications for the following posts apply Now UPRVUNL Recruitment

Advt No. u/25/uprvusa/2016 (upjvnl)

Junior Engineer (Trainee): 64 posts
Technician Grade II: 153 posts

Electrical: 24 posts
Mechanical: 12 posts
Electronics & Instrumentation: 08 posts
Civil: 20 posts
Electrician: 65 posts
Fitter: 60 posts
Instrument: 28 posts

Age Limit: 18 to 40 years relaxation as per rules

For Junior Engineer – 3 years diploma in Civil/Electrical/Mechanical/Tel/Instrumentation/Electrnics from a recognized University

For Techincian: 12th pass with Science and Math subject plus ITI Certificate in Electrician/Fitter/Instrument/Electronics Trade and CCC Certificate from DOEACC Society.

Selection will be based on Written Exam (Computer base Test) CBT & Interview

Application Fee: General and OBC Candidates – Rs. 700/-

SC/ST candidates – Rs. 500/-

UPRVUNL Recruitment – Eligible and interested candidates may apply online from official website – uprvunl.org

Last Dates of Receipt of application: 04/10/2016

Date of Written Exam – Last week of October 2016

How to Apply – UPRVUNL Recruitment

Step.1 Candidates are first required to go to the Uttar Pradesh Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Limited Official website and click “Apply Online against advt no… for the post of Jr. Engineer Trainee Grade-II

Step. 2 – You will be directed to the web page to the following information please make a note of the important information’s

How to Apply Fee Deposit procedure

Step. 3 Candidates are asked to Click to Register Link on Index Page. Now the candidates will fill his/her

(A) Name, DOB, Email ID, Mobile number by filling respective details, Click on Submit Button, after submission of form candidates will get SMS/email on his/her mobile no/email id with his/her application number. please preserve your application no for future use.

Step. 4 – Candidates are asked to click on Logout button and Sing in on index page with application number and DOB for filling up application form, now the candidates will fill his/her personal details, qualification details, document upload, and fee details

Click on receptive tabs and fill the required then click on Save & Next button to proceed for next tab by clicking on preview button.